Common Walls represents graffiti and street-art artists, each with different artistic approaches and long-standing experience with executing commissioned work. This provides our clients with the possibility to choose from a growing pool of artists matching their preferred style and work with them in a professional atmosphere. We are open to special requests and ideas for designing urban surfaces. We orchestrate the complete project management, communicate between artists and clients and organize a professional production up to the finished product.

Possible project layout
•  Personal interview
•  Site inspection
•  Sketch
•  Cost estimate
•  Conclusion of contract
•  Obtaining of materials and equipment
   (e.g. crane, scaffolding,..)

•  Realization: Onsite supervision with documentation

Benefits and advantages
•  Access to highly qualified and experienced artists
•  Possibility to incorporate own ideas
•  Upgrade of the outer appearance increases attention
•  PR and marketing gains
•  Pioneering role as a patron of Graffiti Art
•  Supervision and control; constant customer care
•  Exclusivity through uniqueness
•  Professional photo and video documentation
•  Common Walls takes care of the complete project organization

Each job is unique. That’s why the pricing is individual. Costs are dependent on scale, effort and both the artists’ and property owners’ expectations. We are able to provide you with an exact calculation or cost estimate after a site inspection and a clarification about the level of detail and the necessary effort for the execution of the artistic motif.


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