Common Walls pushes for the visual change and revaluation of large-scale facades and urban surfaces of all kinds. As an agency for urban design, we provide a platform for action and communication to bring about change and innovation through a manifestation of artistic abilities in public space – a fertile ground for artistic, private and urban visions. Our main focus lies in connecting renowned national and international street and Graffiti artists. We see ourselves as a neutral, valid and proactive link between two different interest groups that can hugely profit from each other: Artists craftsmen and property owners in a public, commercial as well as in the private sector. While our focus lies on the aestheticization of outdoor spaces, we nevertheless can also make this happen in interior spaces. In either case, we coordinate the complete execution up to the finished product according to your ideas. We also offer graffiti and street art workshops.


Common Walls stands for competence, honesty, transparency, authenticity, flexibility and innovation in all areas. This means we consult honestly, competently and transparently and guide our clients to an individual goal with personal and public value. Since we have been personally connected to the world of graffiti and street art for years, we feel confident about the authenticity of our artists – artists that have outgrown a certain phase of their lives to make their artistic craftsmanship the center of their lives, overcoming all obstacles, to realize their work in professional projects. It is important to us that our clients can choose from a pool of professionals with very unique and different styles.
We work flexibly, since all projects are unique. The way we approach projects and their execution depends on whether we work with single artist or a collective, on size and requirements and the visions and ideas of our clients.
We want to motivate our clients to take this path of innovation with us and discover new possibilities in the aestheticization of facades and other outdoor surfaces.
We think that every surface that is treated with high quality artistic craftsmanship will add to the improvement to the overall urban image.